What’s up! My name is Jamie King. The Basement Recording is in reference to the audio engineering, production and mastering services that I provide out of my basement in Winston-Salem, NC. I’ve been recording bands and individual musicians since about 1996. I started recording on a 4-track, then moved on to a couple of Adats and now I use a Pro Tools system on Macintosh computer with some top of the line industry standard outboard gear and microphones. I generally specialize in recording and producing amateur to pro rock and metal (with all the relative genres) bands and musicians. My primary goal is to help bands and musicians (along with their respective label and or management) achieve an audio product that is professional sounding while incorporating the artists personal tastes in tones and audio production at the most affordable price possible (as well as a cheap essay service does its best to meet paper writing requirements of its students and save their time for more important things.) . My experience as a musician in bands and previous dealings within the music industry have enabled me to provide advice and insight on many aspects of engineering and producing records for bands and musicians with many different goals. Ultimately, I feel that the commissioner of a record has final say on how the record should sound so I work really hard to give them the product that they want. I am continually striving to improve my abilities and sound quality while maintaining affordable rates. I feel that my product speaks for it self so feel free to check out other projects that I’ve done to get an idea of what I’m capable of. Check out some artists in which I have done work. You can find audio samples and friend links on my site. I will provide a list of bands that I’ve worked with. Please contact me for any questions and or booking.
Thanks for considering my services.